Space Required   Ride Type    

Emmett Carousel

Weddings & Corporate Events

Carousel image

  34ft Diameter   Adults & Children   Wedding Carousel

 Helter Skelter





Big Wheel

      Adults & Children   Big Wheel


Train Ride with 3 Carriages - Wheel Chair Access - Adults & Children

Swinging Boats

SW image

  30ft x 12ft   Children Only    

Inflatable Circus Train from the U.S.A

IT Image

  20ft x 45ft   Children Only    

Cup & Saucer

TC Image

  18ft x 18ft   Adults & Children    

Mini Wheel

MW Image

  16ft x 10ft   Children Only    

Inflatable Circus Slide from the U.S.A

CC Image

  30ft x 20ft   Children Only    

Gnome Ride

GR Image

  20ft Diameter   Adults & Children